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Top Teens of America (TTA)

Top Teens of America (TTA) provides all teens regardless of their ethnic or socio-economic status, the opportunity to receive extra-curricular support, career and character development training, along with key community volunteer opportunities.  There are currently 108 TTA chapters with over 5,000 Top Teens located throughout the United States making a difference in the community in which they live.  

The purpose of the TTA Program is as follows:

  • To train Top Teens in eight specific areas M.O.M.E.N.T.U.M . (Mission, Ownership, Mental Toughness, Empowerment, Networking, Teamwork, Unity, and Mentoring) leading to positive and assured TTA members.


  • To encourage high academic standards and develop social graces, leadership and fellowship abilities. 


  • To implement activities to raise awareness for senior citizens, status of women, keeping our community beautiful and human suffering caused by homelessness and to provide value to community. 

  • To implement activities to raise awareness of the negative words used to describe African American youth and women and encourage appreciation for ethnic and cultural heritage. 


  • To work collaboratively with other organizations through community partnerships to reach mutual goals to include fulfilling the requirements of the March of Dimes and the TLOD Partnership and Promote Healthy Choices. 


  • To train Teens to present workshops or one-on-one presentations to help them and their peers to make decisions in their lives by developing pride in self, home, and community

Top Ladies of Distinction also partners with; the National Association of Colored People (

TTA projects are as follows:
• Participation in the NAACP
• Sickle Cell Disease Awareness
• Participation in the United Negro College Fund

•March of Dimes
• Participation in National Council of Negro Women
• Mentoring Program with the Top Ladies participation in the TLOD Literacy Program 
• Participation in the TLOD Literacy Program 


Parents, schools and community organizations must work together to make sure that our young people have every educational advantage. Organizations like Top Teens of America are essential partners in helping to provide those extra-curricular opportunities that are no longer “extra” but required for students to compete in today's society. If you are interested in the Top Teens of America Program, please go to the “Contact” tab on this website and provide your contact information. The TTA Program is open to both young men and young ladies between 13 and 17 years old from middle school through high school. There is no greater opportunity to instill in your teen the greatest ingredients required for adulthood than being a member of Top Teens of America. 

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