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Lady Karen Dilligard              Chapter Organizer and President

Lady Melanie Powers-Burns                    Lady Dr. Carmesha Smith Lady Nicole Bullock                                Lady Kim Jackson              Lady Tami Sublet                                     Lady Kae McGee              Lady Tischar Brock                                  Lady Michele H.  Davis   Lady Kymeish Gaston                              Lady Nichole K. Allen       Lady Shondralis Allen                              Lady Kimberly Barney Lady Tanya Bennett                                  Lady Ericka Blakemore Lady Andrea Botley                                  Lady Tischar Brock 

Lady Stacy Brown                                     Lady Marva Hardeman Lady Catherine Gardner                            Lady Camille Garrett Lady Malika Hanna                                   Lady Cheryl Ivy         Lady Ramona James                                  Lady Lillia Key                 Lady Verleaner Lane                                 Lady Chanay Mackey

Lady Stacey Mansker-Young                    Lady Valerie Marshall

Lady Tracey Walker-Hines                       Lady Linda Troutman

Lady Brandi Whitfield-Lewis                    Lady Gia Washington

Lady Dania Johnson





​​The Will County Black Diamond Chapter of Top Ladies of Distinction Inc. is one of over 110 chapters of TLOD, Inc. Nationally there are over 3000 members of Top Ladies and over 4000 members of Top Teens. 

Top Ladies of Distinction, Incorporated is national

humanitarian and educational organization. The organization is composed of distinguished women throughout the country who are interested in the well-being of all individuals, youth and adults, and in the preservation of values significant to wholesome living.

Top Ladies of Distinction (TLOD), Inc. has provided an exemplary model for community service since 1964 focusing on five major thrusts to include Top Teens of America, Programming for Senior Citizens, Community Beautification, Community Partnerships, and improvement of the Status of Women. 

The Will County Black Diamond Chapter of  Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc. (TLOD) was chartered on September 26, 2015. Thirty-Three distinguished and like- minded women along with their Chapter Organizer, Karen Dilligard decided there was more to be done in their community to assist youth and adults alike. Since then the chapter has grown and continues to uphold the mission set in motion over 50 years ago.

Will County Black Diamond Charter Members 

​​​​​​​   Will County Black Diamond Chapter​​